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The 411 On Fashions Colors
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The 411 On Fashions Colors

The 411 On Fashions Colors

So you’ve decided you want to spice up your hair color? While fashion colors can be magical and amazing, do you know all that comes with that commitment? Here’s what you should know before taking the plunge into fashion colors!

First off, virgin hair cannot hold color nor is it likely to be light enough to apply the color and get your expected finished product. If your hair is not blonde then you must lighten it as much as possible. A white canvas is the best canvas to apply fashion colors to and this can take multiple processes.

When getting hair lightened, this can be very damaging, so be sure to take care of your hair with products suggested by your stylist in between services. Vice versa hair that is too damaged can’t hold onto color because the cuticle is too open. It is key to focus on your hair’s integrity.

The steps included in getting your dream color include: removal of the previous color (if necessary); lightening (at least once); and then application of the color. This requires washing and blow-drying the hair in between each process.

Fashion color can be very time-consuming, thus causing the cost to go up as well. Before committing to getting fashion colors, we suggest you discuss your budget and expectations with your stylist beforehand.

Fashion color is very high maintenance and fades fairly quickly. Vivid colors are semi-permanent and fade with time. Bright colors with proper care can last from 4-8 weeks, and pastel colors, because they are sheer and light, last 1-2 weeks.

Here are some tips to get the most out of your fashion color:

  • Don’t wash your hair as often (dry shampoo is your best friend)
  • Wash your hair with room temperature to cold water (depending on what you can handle). Warm water causes steam which opens up the cuticle and allows the color to escape the hair shaft
  • Invest in a color depositing conditioner to add more time to your color. This will condition while adding a touch of pigment to freshen up the color
  • Keep an eye out for the amount of alcohol used in your hair products. This can speed up color fading
  • Lastly, protect your hair from the sun’s harmful UV rays. They will fade out your color. You can shield your hair from the sun with protective hair products like hair and scalp spray with SPF in it or even just wearing a hat can help.

Needless to say there’s definitely a lot of upkeep necessary to sport flawless fashion colors, but the end product is so worth it if you’re looking to add some flare to your hair.

By Jadyn Rodocker, Junior Stylist/Apprentice

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