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Aria Medi Spa
Seven Day Weight Loss Detox Program
Aria Medi Spa
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Seven Day Weight Loss Detox Program

Throughout life, the body continues to accumulate toxins – from such everyday sources as food, water and the air we breathe. It is impossible for the body to effectively process these numerous toxins and therefore ends up storing them in the body, causing people to have difficulty with their weight loss goals.

Detox is comprised of a three-step process whereby you: 1) start to remove toxins from the body through core treatments, 2) eliminate toxins ingested from food through a customized meal plan of 1,500 calories maximum of low-calorie, organic food per day, and 3) develop a new gently balanced lifestyle.

Initial Evaluation / Nutritionist Consultation

An initial evaluation allows a health professional or nutritionist to make an accurate assessment of your current state of health – mental and physical – in order to customize a specific treatment program. You will undergo a full-body densitometry, which will provide full information about the proportion of fat, muscle, and bone in your body.

This will help to develop a personalized dietary lifestyle with regard to the biological clock, selection of food, and food combinations.

Core Treatments

• Detox Hydrotherapy Caracalla Treatment – During this 20-minute treatment, you will lie down in a tub of water where the body will experience the pulsating impact of jets which produce a wave of movement along the body, having the effect of naturally loosening the fat cells to a depth of 1/4 inch across the entire surface of the body.

• Seaweed Jouvence Wrap Dry Float – During this 20-minute treatment you are covered with a mud mask, wrapped in a seaweed, and gently lowered onto a soft cushion, which floats in a tub. The tub is typically heated to a balmy temperature of 96°F, under which conditions detoxification is enhanced, as fat is released as one loses liquid through the perspiration process.

• Powerful Jet Sharko Shower – This projects water under high pressure for a strong massage over the entire body. It uses a pressure of 1.5–5 atmospheres with water at a temperature of 90-96°F. This activates the metabolism, improves blood and lymph circulation, produces a relaxing effect on the nerves, eliminates headaches, and improves sleep quality. It is also useful for the prevention and correction of cellulite. This method combines the process of reducing fat cells with massage to release liquid with toxins.

• Drainage Massage with Cupping – This technique uses deep, rhythmic pressure. A massage therapist will open up the lymph nodes to allow the lymphatic system to carry and remove toxins from the body. Additionally, vacuum suction in the form of cupping will increase the detoxification process.

• Kneipp Contrast Therapy – You gradually pass through four contiguous showers with colored synchronized lights and alternating cold water from overhead and hot water from below, which encourages the metabolic system to remove toxins from the body. Contrast hydrotherapy is used to prevent and treat acute and chronic conditions. It strengthens immune defenses, stimulates the circulatory and nervous systems, as well as, metabolism, and invigorates the body.

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