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Adam Summers, MD
Permanent Fat Removal Without Surgery In 25 Minutes
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Permanent Fat Removal Without Surgery In 25 Minutes

Imagine having a simple, no-downtime 25-minute procedure and permanently removing 24% of the fat from the treated area. Now, new laser treatments make that dream a reality. In fact, recently there have been incredible advances in non-surgical fat removal technology.

There is no question that, as we age, our bodies change. We see accumulation of fat in the abdomen, love handles, back rolls, arms, thighs and under the chin.

Despite appropriate diet and exercise, these zones of extra fat can persist. In fact, some people may be at their goal weight and still see unsightly fat bulges.

In the past, getting rid of unwanted fat required a surgical liposuction procedure. In addition to the need for the procedure to be done in an operating room (with an anesthetic) there was also the recovery period where patients had some pain and swelling. However, over the past decade, some non-surgical fat reduction treatments have been developed.

Some of those treatments have not delivered on their promise. Other treatments that are designed to freeze the fat have had some success but their application is limited.

Two new, FDA approved treatments were introduced in 2016 and patients are raving about their success. Specifically, cosmetic surgeons are now offering Kybella injections to melt fat from under the chin and SculpSure laser treatments to melt fat from the body (such as abdomen, hips, flanks).

This new laser treatment heats up the fat and the fat is permanently destroyed. This process is called “thermolipolysis” and it is much more effective than freezing the fat. Also, as a bonus, patients having thermolipolysis even see some skin tightening after their treatments.

The fat melting treatments are permanent. After just one 25-minute treatment, 24% of the fat is melted, resulting in a tightening of the belt and better fitting clothes. Skin shrinkage and fat reduction are noticed in the 6-12 weeks following the procedure as your body absorbs the melted fat and builds new collagen to shrink the skin.

If you are interested in fat reduction, skin tightening and body contouring, it is recommended that you have your consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon who regularly performs all of the treatment options (liposuction, tummy tuck, laser thermolysis, laser skin tightening, etc.) so you can rest assured that you are getting the very best treatment for your particular needs.

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