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Michael Chiaramonte, MD, FACS
New Procedure "Washes" Fat Away
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New Procedure "Washes" Fat Away

LipoDissolve is a series of micro-injections developed to dissolve fat deposits of the face and body. It
is an effective treatment option for treating localized fat reduction without surgery. It is a non-surgical technique for the removal of pockets of fat that do not respond well to diet and exercise.
LipoDissolve is a procedure
of injecting primarily a mixture of
two naturally occurring chemicals into the skin. One of the chemicals is
a component of soybean oil. It is also a lipid or fat that constitutes 70%
of cell membranes in humans. The
other chemical is the most common occurring bile acid that helps dis-
solve fats we consume. Normally,
both are secreted by the gallbladder when we eat a high fat meal to aid digestion.
When the LipoDissolve mixture is injected into fat tissue of
the skin, it causes fat to dissolve which is then naturally excreted from the body. There is also an inflammatory response that leads to the tightening and compacting of the subcutaneous tissue.
Most people experience very mild discomfort from the injections. Patients often return to normal activity immediately after treatment. The normal time for swelling to resolve is one week.
It takes 6-8 weeks for the full body sculpting effect to occur and the inflammatory process to be complete. Usually 3-4 treatments are needed; scheduled about six weeks apart.
Do not confuse LipoDissolve with Mesotherapy. Mesotherapy may require up to 20 treatments, compared to 3-4 LipoDissolve injections. This means that Mesotherapy treatments can become quite costly. LipoDissolve also uses a standardized formula that has been monitored and researched for safety, whereas the agent used and their amounts vary with Mesotherapy.
Results do vary from patient to patient. Sculpting can be very dramatic in some patients, while minor in other depending on their body type and metabolic profile. Results will vary depending on the site that is treated. For example, you can expect to lose at least one inch from the waistline for abdominal procedures.
Its also important to realize that LipoDissolve is best suited for one area that has small deposits of fat. If you have more extensive fat deposits in larger areas, liposuction may be the more appropriate procedure which only requires one treatment and involves a few days of downtime. So, if you are ready to “wash” some fat away, consult with a plastic surgeon that has specialized training in all fat reduction procedures. This will ensure that the selected procedure will produce optimal results.

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