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Christopher and Devin Rosenthal, Owners/Technicians
“My Hair Loss Is Destroying My Life – Help!”
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“My Hair Loss Is Destroying My Life – Help!”

“My Hair Loss Is Destroying My Life – Help!”

Hair loss can be devastating. This is the case for both women and men. Even though hair is not necessary for life, and it is strictly an adornment, it is absolutely incredible how powerful hair is as to how we see ourselves and our identity.

The world expects hair loss for men, but not for women. We have heard from clients that they no longer can go to work, stay in a relationship, or in extreme cases they become a shut in because they don’t want to be seen by anybody, including themselves. Some people avoid looking in the mirror after a certain amount of hair loss or even remove mirrors from their house.

In cases of trichotillomania a person can feel deep shame even though this is absolutely not in their control and is nothing to be embarrassed about. But society is ignorant and uneducated about hair loss, so this increases the suffering.

With genetic forms of hair loss there are ways to help keep your hair, such as medications, vitamins, topicals, light therapy, along with other forms of blood circulation stimulation and bringing nutrition to the hair. With scarring alopecia, the hair follicles are no longer alive. With autoimmune alopecia, your body attacks your hair. Therapies are being researched for this and hopefully a cure will be found. With hair loss caused by injuries, such as burns, radiation and significant wounds, oftentimes the follicles are no longer capable of producing hair.

Hair transplants have come a very long way and are dramatically improved, but in cases of men who have lost most of their top hair, it would be difficult to transplant enough hair to give the density they would want. For women all hair on the head is susceptible to loss and with a transplant there is no guarantee the transplanted hairs will continue to live and thrive.

This leaves other options such as toppers or wigs. The problem with most of these options is that the base is made of textiles such as silk, lace or polyurethane and can be uncomfortable and hot. The hair in these solutions must be stripped of its cuticle which is the outside protective layer of the hair and colored with textile dyes. This leaves the hair feeling dry and unmanageable fairly quickly.

We had searched for a solution to help our clients that would be comfortable, have beautiful quality hair and most importantly look and feel natural. The solution is called a CNC by Cesare Ragazzi. We will custom design your CNC solution and actually scan your head to map out its dimensions, then have this solution created in Bologna, Italy specifically for you. It will be mapped to fit your head and we will choose the density, hair-strand size, color, length and hair texture. Because the hair is 100% virgin, we can custom color it to look however you like, so you can look modern, natural and beautiful.

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