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Laura Wackett
How To Get Fit and Stay Beautiful
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How To Get Fit and Stay Beautiful

You love your workout. Maybe you even love to sweat. Yet, youve noticed that its taking a toll on your body. Split ends have turned your luscious locks into a frizzy nightmare. Blemishes continually pop-up on your shoulders and back. Calluses cover your feet. And we havent even mentioned the word, “athletes foot”.

So, how does an active girl stay beautiful?

Just taking a few extra precautions can keep you looking no-less-than-gorgeous while working up a serious sweat.

Breakouts Sweaty workout clothes rubbing against your skin often result in acne on your back, chest, and other places. Prevent these annoying breakouts by always showering immediately after your workout. A daily vinegar rinse can also be helpful, since acetic acid in the vinegar kills off pimple-producing bacteria. Add about one tablespoon of vinegar to a quart of warm water for a vinegar sponge bath, then rinse off in the shower.

Shiny Face Working up a good sweat is bound to make your face shine. So, dont shy away from it. Manage the shine by blotting with a damp towel. Also, avoid excess cover-up at all costs. As your sweat mixes with the heavy make-up, youll clog-up your pores.

Calluses That tough area of skin known as a callus is typically caused from friction, such as your feet rubbing in your workout shoes. Try lubricating your feet with a thick cream or petroleum jelly before donning your workout socks, to minimize the friction. If you still are plagued with calluses, then your feet in warm water, gently rub-off the calluses with a pumice stone, and follow-up with moisturizer.

Frizzy Hair You may think that workout sweat is the culprit for frizzy hair, but most likely, your hair is actually too dry. If you wash your hair post-workout on a daily basis, then select a gentle shampoo with a moisturizing ingredient. Also, consider dabbing some hair oil under the elastic of your ponytail band, to minimize frizz, tears, and tangles.

Athletes Foot Redness, itching, and burning on the skin of your feet can be a sign of athletes foot. The fungus that causes athletes foot breeds in damp locations, so wearing flip-flops when using a locker room shower or public pool will help keep your feet safe. If you do contract athletes foot, try an over-the-counter cream to reduce discomfort.

So, go ahead and get your shine on. A sweaty shine, that is. After all, there is nothing more beautiful than the natural glow that comes from a confident, healthy, fit woman.

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