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Michael Chiaramonte, MD, FACS
Have Wrinkles, Smile Lines?
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Have Wrinkles, Smile Lines?

Many, if not all, people suffer from the effects of gravity, sun exposure and years of facial movement, such as smiling, chewing and squinting. All of these activities cause the underlying tissues to break down, often leaving laugh lines, smile lines, crows feet and/or facial creases over the areas where the muscle movement occurs.
The good news is that over the course of the past decade, there have been many valuable advancements in treatment options for the elimination of wrinkles, including Restylane, Juvederm and Radiesse.
These wrinkle fillers successfully reduce smile lines and facial wrinkles. Patients receiving treatment with these products visit the doctor every six months, or so, for follow up treatments. This is because the substance used in these products is absorbed by the body, and only lasts a period of time, usually about six months.
Now patients, and doctors, are discovering ArteFill, the first and only FDA-approved non-absorbable injectable wrinkle filler for the correction of facial wrinkles. Finally, theres a simple, in-office procedure that answers the demand for immediate, enduring wrinkle correction.
If you have previously used temporary wrinkle fillers such as the ones mentioned above, then you know they are eventually absorbed by the body and require frequent repeat injections for maintenance.
ArteFill is different. The unique PMMA microspheres in ArteFill are not absorbed by the body and provide more permanent (five years) support your skin needs for long-lasting wrinkle correction. PMMA is a suspension of microscopic synthetic polymer beads (microspheres) in a vehicle such as bovine collagen, hyaluronic acid or other colloidal suspending agent.
The resin has long been used by orthopedic surgeons in bone cement for joint replacement or to replace bone in certain bone defect patients, and now has been formulated for use as a long-lasting wrinkle filler.
Why ArteFill?
Consider these attributes of ArteFill as you consider the treatment options available for wrinkles and smile lines
Lasts up to five years
Not absorbed by the body
FDA approved as a wrinkle filler
Immediate, visible results with no down time
A simple, in-office procedure
Excellent safety profile
Results improve over the course of several months and stand the test oftime
Usually requires only 1-2 treatments
Personalized ArteFill progressive enhancement, (gradual wrinkle correction), helps ensure the look you desire
What is most important is to realize that no one procedure is a cure all. Every treatment has its distinct advantages. However, combining your individual needs and desires with the expertise, skill and artistry of a board certified plastic surgeon will ensure your years of a refreshed and more youthful appearance.

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