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Adriana Munoz, Owner
Deep Facial Cleansing To Renew Your Skin
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Deep Facial Cleansing To Renew Your Skin

It is very important to create the habit of getting a deep facial cleansing at least once a month. The skin is the most exposed organ of our body and suffers daily attacks from solar radiation, pollution, climatic factors, snuff, our bodily secretions, and others. This can lead to skin imbalance producing impurities, dryness, lack of light and finally leading directly to premature aging. With the use of deep facial cleansing you can improve the smoothness and look of your skin.

How does it work?

The skin will be diagnosed and evaluated by a professional to identify your skin type and hygiene. The neck and face will be cleaned.  If necessary make up will be removed from the face. Your esthetician may apply exfoliation and/or lotion application descaler. Facial pores are opened up by safely using steam so that clogged pores can then be extracted. Before the pores close back up a antiseptic may be applied to your skin.

The entire process is quite relaxing and soothing. Most clinics may even include a facial massage during the cleansing. Depending on the condition of your skin your esthetician may apply and/or recommend a nourishing moisturizer, eye contour cream and sunscreen.

Benefits of the Treatment

Clean, bright and clear skin.

Smooth and uniform skin texture.

Soft and velvety feel.

Freshness and hydration.

Deep facial cleansings are very beneficial to the health of your skin and the entire treatment is good way to unwind and relax. Look for an esthetician in your area and see how they can help you renew your skin.

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