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Michael Chiaramonte, MD, FACS
Cosmetic Surgery the Dream, the Promise
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Cosmetic Surgery the Dream, the Promise

What would be the perfect cosmetic surgery option for patients? What is it that patients want and need? When building an office or surgery center it is important to devote time and effort to think about the patient’s needs and desires.

Some patients consider privacy and convenience to be of the upmost priority, while others may be more focused on cost, and still others may be most concerned about personal attention.

The quality of care and expertise of the doctor will always outrank these things when it comes to making your decision of what to have done, and who you want to do it. All your decisions to have cosmetic surgery, cosmetic procedures, or any surgery, should start with the expertise, training and experience of the doctors and staff.

But, even the most qualified physician should take every concern a patient may have into consideration, from privacy and convenience, to cost and personal attention. This gives the doctor and staff the opportunity to do the best job possible of serving the patient’s every need.

Talking and listening to patients, and developing an understanding is essential to creating the perfect surgery center and cosmetic surgery practice. Here are some important aspects people think about when they are considering cosmetic surgery

On-site surgery center. This feature really gives the practice a great opportunity to offer advantages to patients that can be very important to the outcome of the procedure. An on-site, state-of-the-art surgery center makes it possible for patients to have surgery or procedures in the same comfortable environment as the office. This can help lower stress, anxiety, logistical difficulties, and privacy concerns for patients. Even though it is costly to the practice and generally requires years of planning and development, it’s definitely worth it when considering how much it means to the patients.

Expertise. Patients need to feel confident that the doctor and staff have the proven ability to deliver on the dream and the promise of cosmetic surgery. Years of training, experience and devotion go a long way to giving patients this confidence.

Privacy. One aspect high on the list is privacy, because patients want to feel they are not going to run into their neighbors or coworkers which could happen in a large hospital setting.

Personal attention. Having a cosmetic procedure, not just surgery, can be stressful and fearful. Having a nice, pleasant staff that the patients get to know is a big help. It gives the patients a sense that they are going to see familiar faces before and after any procedure.

Cost and Convenience. It’s important to have the surgery center and practice at the same location so patients don’t have to deal with the stress of two different locations and different nurses or other staff.

Cost is always a concern, but having the experience be worth the cost is so much more important. Most practices will work out specials and make the services you want more affordable for you, so, in essence, you can probably get the same “deal” anywhere you go.

What’s most important is that the doctors, the staff, and the facility really understand your needs, and really care about you.

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