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Marie Lopiano, LE
Contour, Shape and Slim Your Body With VelaShape
Cellulite Solutions

Contour, Shape and Slim Your Body With VelaShape

It is estimated that 80% of women over age 20 have cellulite. An industry analyst has projected that the number of body reshaping procedures will grow from 14.4 million treatments in 2005 to 32.5 million treatments in 2010.

Powered by elos technology, VelaShape addresses a growing patient demand for full body treatments, including circumferential reduction and cellulite reduction. It is an FDA-cleared non-invasive procedure for circumferential reduction and an FDA-cleared class II platform for the reduction in the appearance of cellulite.

This technology treats both the deeper tissue, offering a measurable reduction in fat layers and circumference, and the upper layers of the skin, resulting in reduction in the appearance of cellulite. It is an easy, non-invasive, no downtime, comfortable deep therapeutic treatment.

How it works

The elos technology combines bi-polar radiofrequency (RF) and infrared light energies, plus negative pressure and tissue manipulation. The synergistic combination of infrared and conducted RF energies increases the intracellular oxygen diffusion by heating the skin. Vacuum and specially designed rollers manipulate and smooth out the skin to facilitate safe and efficient energy delivery. This increases the metabolism of stored energy (lipolysis), increases lymphatic drainage and reduces or shrinks the size of the actual fat chamber. The result is a reduction in the circumference of the treated area and a smoother appearance of the skins surface.

Most patients see gradual and cumulative results throughout the treatment regimen. You can look forward to

Gradual smoothing of the skins surface with a noticeable reduction in the appearance of cellulite, and,

Circumferential reduction, with noticeable reshaping of the treated area.

VelaShape Applications

Circumferential reduction

Cellulite reduction treatment

Body reshaping via cellulite treatment

Post liposuction treatment via circumferential reduction

Post baby treatment via circumferential reduction

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