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Care For Your Hair
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Care For Your Hair

Care For Your Hair

Salon assistants wash a lot of hair, and they are constantly told that the shampoo is the best part of the service. Having your head scrubbed clean is amazing and relaxing. Besides that though, the best part is the head massage. We all love a good head massage and the benefits of a head massage makes it even more enjoyable.

Let’s not forget about treatments – they’re just as great! The wonders of getting a deep conditioning treatment or a hot oil treatment are worth the results and it’s super beneficial to your hair health. These two things can change your salon experience.

 How is a head massage rewarding? Besides the obvious, it’s great for your health! A head massage stimulates hair growth, relieves stress, reduces tension, eases headaches, lowers blood pressure, and can improve blood circulation. The list goes on but these are great reasons to regularly get a head massage or to request one the next time you go to your salon. Honestly, it’s quite impressive how beneficial a 5-10 minute head massage can be.

 Aside from the best thing on Earth, treatments are just as rewarding. After receiving a chemical service, it’s always recommended to follow up with a treatment. Treatments help with hair growth, split ends, hydration and nourishment. Don’t you love when your hair is shiny? Treatments help with that too! Hydration and anti-frizz treatments help a lot. If your hair is super frizzy and not manageable in the summer deep conditioning treatments can definitely help. There’s a plethora of treatments out there and for all types of hair. Ask your stylist for a treatment suggestion.

 Taking care of your hair and scalp is important. Both, head massage and treatments are great ways to support your hair care. It is very rewarding to tell clients about a treatment and then see how the results actually show. These two great things are always a reason to take a trip to a salon and care for your hair on a regular basis.

By Loretta Agamaliyeva, Salon Assistant at Alya Salon & Spa

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