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Jennifer Robin Musiol, C-RNP
Can’t Lose Weight? Find Out Why
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Can’t Lose Weight? Find Out Why

Kim, a 54-year-old physician lost 30 pounds in four months after receiving the results from a diet/wellness epigenetic test. “I can now see why I have struggled so much. With these epigenetic test recommendations, I end up being less hungry and the weight is naturally coming off at about one pound a week.”

Epigenetic testing’s focus is to provide you with a customized path to weight loss, weight maintenance and a healthy lifestyle where you feel great.

This mouth swab test, that you can do in our own home, identifies an individual’s:

• Best diet for weight loss (no more guessing)

• Why you are always hungry

• Type of exercise that will help or hinder weight loss

• How to prevent diabetic weight gain

• Your salt, gluten and sugar sensitivity, and more.

It Shouldn’t Be So Hard

Weight issues are complex: Each person has a unique genetic makeup that can show how to reach your ideal weight.

“From the genetic test I have the FTO gene that makes weight hard to come off,” says Kim. With the clear recommendations that come with the test results, she uses the ketogenic diet with intermittent fasting. “If I’m hungry I eat more fat and the weight keeps coming off.”

What Do Genes Have To Do With Weight Control?

With this mouth-swab test, you will find out if you have a:

1. LEPR/GHRL epigenetic flaw from one or both parents that results constantly feeling hungry. You may need a Leptin supplement.

2. FTO/ADIPOQ mutation that means the Atkins diet will not help you lose weight.

3. ATG5/ATG16L1 genetic error which necessitates supplements to clean out your cells so you don’t develop Type 2 diabetes

4. ADRA2A mutation that causes weight gain with most antidepressant medications

5. COMT gene that can cause “emotional eating” but green coffee bean extract can help.

6. DRD2 mutations that responds to low dose naltrexone for weight loss, and much more.

When you know by genetic testing that you have certain inherited genetic variations that can be modified with natural supplements, you have a plan based on a personalized scientific assessment. You aren’t wasting time, money and yo-yo dieting.

It’s time to do something different and epigenetic testing can guide you to a successful personalized plan to lose weight and keep it off.

Move from suffering to joy.

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