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Nicole Hayre, MD
Can a New Chemical Peel Really Be Different?
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Can a New Chemical Peel Really Be Different?

The quest for skin rejuvenation and maintaining a youthful appearance dates back to the earliest civilizations. In fact, the use of chemical peels for skin rejuvenation also dates back to ancient times. Cleopatra reportedly used soured goat's milk on a routine basis to help her maintain her beautiful skin. Could this have worked? Actually, it probably did work, for the milk contained lactic acid, which can cause a light peel.

Modern peels are carefully formulated to induce a controlled peel at a specific layer in the skin. In the right hands, chemical peels are generally very safe. The problem with chemical peels has traditionally been trying to get an effective peel that is not too painful to undergo, until now.

There is a new combination peel that is formulated to give a very effective peel with only a brief period of tingling during its application. This revolutionary peel, the VI Peel, is a mixture of various strong acids, yet does not cause the burning sensation typically felt by them, making it a powerful peel, in spite of the lack of pain. Results are seen about one week after the application of the peel.

What Can a Peel Do For You?

Now that peels are more appealing, what can they do for you? Chemical peels are quite versatile, and help with a myriad of problems on the face and chest, including sun damage, melasma or pregnancy mask, acne, dull or rough looking skin, large pores, and fine lines. In addition to these cosmetic uses, peels can be used to treat those who suffer from precancerous lesions of the skin. For most of these treatments, best results are typically seen after a series of three peels. Peels can be repeated every three to four weeks, depending on skin type.

Can Anyone Have a Peel?

Most people can enjoy the benefits of chemical peels. Certain skin types do need to have some specialized care with prescription creams throughout the series of treatments in order to reduce the risk of side effects. For more information, consult a board-certified dermatologist.

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