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Sherry Maragh, MD
Body Contouring: Smartlipo and Cellulaze Cellulite Reduction
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Body Contouring: Smartlipo and Cellulaze Cellulite Reduction

Body Contouring: Smartlipo and Cellulaze Cellulite Reduction

Creating Fitness Goals Are a Good Thing, So Get Started and Stick To It

If you made a fitness or health goal to shape up, slim down, thin out and get your behind (literally) back in gear, you can do it.  Commit to yourself to be different. Be that one exception six months from now who is still giving it their all to stay in shape.

Starving Never Equals Success

The quickest way for your fitness or health goal to fail is having unrealistic ideas and expectations about food consumption. Educate and empower yourself about making the right food choices. Consult with your doctor or a licensed dietitian.

A Balanced Diet

A balanced diet low in simple carbohydrates (like bread and sugar) is a perfect stepping stone. You’ve heard it before – bad things in, bad results out. Don’t sabotage your efforts by eating bad foods despite hitting the gym regularly. And, portion control can’t be ignored. Too much of anything can be a bad thing.

Listen to your body. When you are full, stop and push back from the table. Ignore those rules about cleaning your plate.

Set Realistic Fitness Goals

Life is busy and unpredictable. You never know what unanticipated event will throw off your fat burning and toning goals. Commit to consistency, not to exhaustion. Start exercising a minimum of three days for thirty minutes each time, but be consistent. Cardio counts. And, don’t forget strength training for optimal results.

Have a Workout Partner

Need some support but your spouse or partner isn’t on board for what it takes to get the new you? Take your baby for a stroller jog or use them for better abdominal crunches or chair lunges. Don’t forget about your office buddy or neighbor who may have the same new fitness goals.

Water, Water Everywhere

The body needs water to function. Without it people can experience health problems from diabetes to kidney failure. Especially when you begin a new fitness program, leave the soda and tea behind and grab some good ole’ H2O.

It’s Okay To Push The Easy Button

Smartlipo laser body sculpting and Cellulaze cellulite reduction laser are two laser treatments aimed at body contouring. Yes, it is true that you can have that stubborn pocket of fat that won’t go away, or cellulite, even after months or years of good diet and exercise habits. These two treatments are specifically designed for helping with just that.

You get results after just one treatment without the risks of major surgery and anesthesia. These two minimally invasive laser treatments have helped many people reach their ultimate goal.

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