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Margaret Stubblefield, DDS, FAGD
Beautiful Smiles
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Beautiful Smiles

There is some truth to the saying that “You only get one opportunity to make a positive first impression.” How people perceive you is usually established within the first few seconds of meeting you, so it is crucial that you make your first impression count.

One of the most effective ways of making a positive first impression is with a beautiful smile. While most people are looking for quick fixes to bring out their smile, the process sometimes involves a lifestyle adjustment. It makes no sense to brighten up your smile, and then continue doing the things that got your smile dull in the first place.

A healthy smile starts with the basics. Get a thorough cleaning from your dentist where a diagnosis can be made, to address the issues affecting your smile. Cleaning today is much more effective than just a few years ago and is relatively painless. Dental lasers are also being used as an alternative to painlessly remove decay through vaporization of diseased tissues. Laser is approved by the FDA, to remove diseased or excessive gum tissues. The use of new technology has made the trip to the dentist much more pleasant where patients have a more favorable opinion of dental procedures.

To address all the issues of your smile, it is imperative that your dentist involves some of the new developments in dentistry. For example, as part of a comprehensive examination, dentists are using fluorescent light lasers to screen for oral cancer. The laser can usually detect the precancerous growth before it becomes problematic, which ultimately could save a life.

While most dentists will tell their patients to brush and floss daily to ensure a healthy smile, that is only part of the solution. Exercise is imperative in maintaining a healthy smile. When one exercises, blood flows through the body, taking important nutrients to the teeth and ensuring better circulation. The result is stronger teeth.

Refraining from tobacco use is one of the single, most important things you can do to bring out a healthy smile. Tobacco use promotes oral cancer, discolors teeth, reduces circulation, and promotes bad breath and periodontal disease which could lead to further infection and loss of jaw bone and teeth.

Sugar is another culprit that will compromise on our oral health. The average American consumes over 43 pounds of sugar per year. Yes, I said 43 pounds. This is a major problem. In addition, the bacteria that naturally live in your mouth survives by eating the sugar they find on your teeth. As the bacteria digest the sugar, they produce acid. Your teeth are bathed in this acid at least 20 minutes, every time you drink soda. This acid slowly dissolves the protective enamel layer on your teeth causing wear and cavities. If left untreated, cavities can cause pain and possible loss or teeth.

Wear of the enamel and dentin can also lead to pain and problems with the jaw joint and make patients appear older than their actual age.

Now that you have addressed all issues affecting your smile, you have multiple options to make your smile radiate. Some of the most popular options are veneers, bonding, lumineers, “snap on” smile and Zoom in-office laser whitening. These procedures build confidence in people by giving them one of lifes greatest gifts; the ability to smile with confidence and conquer the world with a beautiful, healthy and lasting smile.

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