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Y.C. Chan, OMD, Dipl Ac
Acupuncture For Menopausal Symptoms
Acupuncture Clinic of Maryland

Acupuncture For Menopausal Symptoms

Many women over the age of 35 will notice their life gradually start to change over the coming 20-30 years. They will notice a variety of discomforts and symptoms, either constantly or periodically. Some women can cope with their situation better than others, but most of them will find they need certain medical assistance.
The symptoms of menopause include hot flashes, headaches, dizziness, insomnia, back pain, night sweats, ringing ears, indigestion, irregular menstruation, etc.
Hot flashes, the feeling of suddenly being too warm without a fever or change in environmental temperature, are among the unpleasant symptoms. In fact, most of the other discomforts that come along with menopause are actually related to hot flashes. Many women experience hot flashes several years before and after the cessation of their menstrual periods. Some may notice blushing of the face and neck along with the sensation of unpleasant warmth. They may be embarrassed by profuse sweating following their hot flashes, particularly at night.
Physicians used to frequently prescribe estrogen for menopausal symptoms. Nowadays this is not often the case due to the chance of developing cancer, heart attack or stroke. Some of the psychotropic drugs prescribed for symptoms, such as Valium and Librium do not cause cancer, but there is evidence that they may damage the heart muscle and the brain. Many new drugs periodically appear on the market, but their side effects are usually worse then the results.
For some women, psychotherapy or counseling may be helpful in dealing with many of the changes that come in life, such as children growing up and leaving the home, and an aging husband with worries about sexual impotence. Counseling can offer psychological support, but will not be able to improve the patients physical body.
Acupuncture, the ancient Chinese healing art, combined with modern education and new technology, is helping women with menopausal symptoms worldwide.
Acupuncture can help patients young and old, however the practitioner cannot guarantee to cure any disease or illness and acupuncture cannot compare to modern drugs. Most patients who are currently taking medications will have a difficult time accepting the natural art of acupuncture healing.
When a patient makes up their mind to try acupuncture, the practitioner should determine what is the top priority for treatment. The practitioner should be able to tell the patient about the procedures and the possibility of the outcomes. Certain cases may need many treatments, but the knowledgeable and experienced practitioner can make a difference after the first visit.
Some acupuncture practitioners focus on selling products to patients. Do not purchase products that are not approved by the FDA.In addition, patients should always consult with their family physicians before taking any unknown products.

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