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Lisa Bauer
A Beautiful Body, Skin Deep
Total Body Design

A Beautiful Body, Skin Deep

Its amazing really that there is a technology so encompassing as Endermologie Lipomassage. A technology that affects your body from the inside out stimulating circulation, metabolism and lymphatic drainage while also improving the texture and look of your skin and body on the outside. Natural, relaxing, and FDA approved, the highly effective treatments treat cellulite, tighten your skin, and improve your overall well being.
What is Endermologie Lipomassage?
Endermologie is a relaxing (machine generated) massage that reaches four times deeper than traditional massage therapy. The process releases fluid and toxins, and breaks down excess fat trapped in your connective tissue. Treatments are especially effective in areas of the body where fat deposits are deeper and almost impossible to reach with exercise and diet.
A Healing Technology for pain
Originally developed to repair scar tissue and regenerate burned skin, endermologie lipomassage also has healing effects. As a result of increased blood circulation and a stimulated lymph system, your body may function more efficiently and may be better able to fight illness and disease.
For individuals who suffer from chronic muscle pain such as fibromyalgia, the treatments often bring much needed relief.
Ageless Beauty
Whether in your thirties or sixties, the treatments will positively affect your skin and body. Endermologie lipomassage naturally stimulates the collagen production and improves elasticity.
The outer layer of the skin is exfoliated and appears more radiant. Gradually, as the excess fat is released, skin becomes firmer, more toned, and significantly smoother.
While nothing exists to stop the cycle of aging, endermologie lipomassage slows down the hands of time naturally.
Individuals are surprised to learn that there is a treatment which is non-invasive and yet so powerful a treatment with therapeutic benefits and cosmetic results all rolled into one.
For Every Body
With endermologie lipomassage you can live without cellulite, tighten and tone your skin all while doing something wonderfully healthy for your body. Endermologie is an alternative for every body at every age.

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