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3 Key Trends/Tips
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3 Key Trends/Tips

3 Key Trends/Tips

Style and Enhance Your Look In 2021

If you’re like most of us, finally making your way back to the salon, and consistently apologizing to your stylist for trying those “pandemic proof” Tik-Tok hairstyling hacks, then you’re probably ready to learn everything we’ve got to share about taking your look to the next level.

To share, we’ve narrowed down the best trends, techniques, and hair care guides of 2021 into these top three tips professionals will swear by. And the road to fabulous hair starts here:

Tip #1: Natural Hair is the New Black

When it comes to hair color, a lot of us usually turn to the beautiful plum purples or burnt burgundies of the fall season to make a statement. However, this year, we’re recommending something a little different, take on a more natural look. Allow for new growth and embrace those roots to melt seamlessly in with your summery highlights. This natural, effortless look transitions with us from one season to the next, on trend, and in budget. So next time you’re deciding on trying something different, try channeling your inner Meredith Grey and embrace a natural look to pair with that fresh cut.

Tip #2: Forget the Curls, Side for Crimps Instead

What’s there not to love about curls? Their bouncy, voluminous ways make us all feel and look more powerful in any setting. However, when it comes to styling, there seems to be a new curl in town, or should we say crimp, and her ways possess just as great a power. Whether created by braiding the hair, or a mere crimping iron, beautiful, polished waves are the rave of 2021. Which is why we are including them in our top tips. So, ladies, do us and your hair a favor, opt for the crimping iron instead and say goodbye to the curls for now, because this year it’s all about that crimp.

Tip # 3: Invest in Your Hair Care, Capitalize Your Look

Unless you’re a fierce Beyonce feeling herself in her trendsetting hairstyles, a 1970s Farrah Fawcett in her prime, or are of the names Kim, Kourtney, or Khloe, you probably struggle with Keeping up with the Kardashians, let alone the latest hair styles of the 2021-2022 year. Thankfully, this third and most important tip will level out the playing field.

Here it is: invest in your hair like you would a business you believe in. Your hair is your business – literally! Celebrities, like the few mentioned, are known for capitalizing upon their looks and great hair. That is because they’ve all come to recognize this one fact, style matters. So why not invest in it? Yes, buy the bag and the shoes, but please girl, don’t forget your hair care products, maintain that beautiful, healthy hair of yours, and capitalize your look.

 After all, they say the future is female.

Article written by Bligen Wright, Junior Stylist/Apprentice

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