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The Your Health Magazine (YHM) website and magazine are designed to empower and encourage people to live healthier by going to the doctor when they know they should. The Guidelines are designed to provide an understanding of what is allowed, what is not allowed and how billing works. By agreeing to these terms and conditions you agree to strictly abide by the following Guidelines.

We want each user and visitor to have the most enjoyable and beneficial experience from the site and the magazine. For assistance becoming a user, posting biographical profiles, being featured or advertising please email support@yourhealthmagazine.net.

Posting Guidelines:

Users agree to post helpful and valuable information to assist visitors and users to learn about their health and the doctors/practitioners who can help them.

Helping people find the healthcare they need and live healthier is the goal of this project.

The information posted by users of this website is warranted by the users to be true and accurate, to the best of their knowledge.

Users may not post anything that speaks adversely towards another individual, entity or service delivery system.

Use of profanity or display of nudity is strictly prohibited. Use of language deemed offensive to another individual for any reason is not permitted.

Any content found that does not meet the goals and requirements of these terms and conditions will be edited or removed from the site, and no remuneration will be granted.

Users who find anything on the site that is untrue or does not meet these Guidelines agree to report it by emailing support@yourhealthmagazine.net. The staff will make every effort to review such content within 2 business days, to the best of our ability, and reply to the user who reported it with the action deemed necessary by YHM staff and management.


YHM agrees to maintain any information collected from users safely and securely to the best of our ability at the time. We will not share, in any way, any billing information with anyone outside of the normal course of business.

YHM does not collect or maintain payment information entered on this site. That information is processed securely by a payment processing service and every effort is made to keep that information private.

Recurring Subscriptions

For PayPal°, you can simply cancel the recurring payment in your PayPal° account, or please contact us by email before the expiration of your subscription term and we’ll do it for you.

To cancel your recurring credit card subscription payment, please contact us by email before the expiration of your subscription term and we will remove you from any future recurring billing.

Please notify us at least 48 hours if you wish to cancel your PayPal° or Credit Card recurring billing before your next renewal date. Please note there are no refunds for recurring billing once the charge has been processed.


Any dispute under this agreement must be sent to support@yourhealthmagazine.net. Disputes will be reviewed in a reasonable time and decisions made by YHM shall be considered final.


Please report any content, functionality or complaint to YHM as soon as possible to achieve the best results. This will assist us to continually improve the user experience on this site and help us help more people live healthier.

If you feel these Guidelines are faulty or need to be changed you agree to let YHM know your thoughts by emailing support@yourhealthmagazine.net in a timely manner.

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