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How Do Insurance Companies Handle Big Weather Events?

In light of the large hurricanes that have hit the east coast and Texas, it's worth exploring a few things insurance companies do to handle… Continue Reading

Your Insurance Limits Why an Attorney Might Do You a Favor By Saying No To Your Case

You might think, “Why does every attorney want to know about my insurance policy?” Well, the question has a definitive answer, which you will read… Continue Reading

Insurance Claims The Secret Connection Between Your Behavior and Your Claim

Let's say you were involved in an accident. You were rear-ended by the car behind you. You are not at fault for the accident. You… Continue Reading

Maryland Medicaid Paying For Long Term Care

According to longtermcare.gov, “50% of married couples will spend all their life savings within the first year of entering a nursing home.” With a long-term… Continue Reading

Estate and Life Care Planning

If you own a home or have children, it's time to prepare a plan for your future. A power of attorney and an advance health… Continue Reading

Our Next Big Distraction

In Virginia, it's illegal to text while driving. That's a good thing, too. It discourages people from engaging in a dangerous behavior while behind the… Continue Reading

How Many Insurance Companies Make Money It's Not What You Think

Paying insurance premiums is a never-ending pain for all of us. It's like health insurance, or worse, life insurance we hope to never use it…. Continue Reading

How Agents Help During Home Sales

Just because you can buy and sell property on your own, it doesn't mean you should. Real estate agents remain essential when making these pivotal… Continue Reading

Asking For a Government Handout Is No Fun

Imagine a husband being discharged from a hospital and the wife becoming overwhelmed trying to care for him at home, 24 hours a day. She… Continue Reading

Driving Without Insurance

Virginia allows you, and just about anybody else, to drive without insurance. All you need do to is pay the uninsured motor vehicle fee of… Continue Reading

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