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Deceptive Disability When You Feel Worse Than You Look

There are disability conditions that are readily apparent. A person suffering from a lower spinal condition may walk with a pronounced limp and require a… Continue Reading

Tips To Prevent Senior Scams

There is a ring at the front door and you answer. A kind-hearted gentleman informs you that he has just fixed your neighbors roof and… Continue Reading

Help Our Armed Forces

American military personnel serving in combat zones have enough to worry about. They put their lives at risk every day, in hostile territory, while doing… Continue Reading

Planning For the Future

As our life expectancy increases, we must support ourselves for a longer period of time, frequently while suffering from chronic illnesses. Poor tax and investment… Continue Reading

What Are the Odds?

What are the odds your family will need estate planning? Well, anyone who will die someday needs to plan for that eventuality that is everyone!… Continue Reading

Reverse Mortgages More Affordable

Reverse mortgages have become quite popular in the past few years, but they are an expensive proposition for most seniors. A recent article in the… Continue Reading

Preparation For Health Needs

Each of us faces illness from time to time. We can and should do what we can to prevent illness. However, we also can prepare… Continue Reading

Understanding Your Health Coverage

Back in the day, our parents or grandparents had to pay out of pocket for their health care. For most people, health care was a… Continue Reading

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