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Lorna L. Cvetkovich, MD, FACOG
Women's Hormonal Health Natural Procreative Technology
Tepeyac OB/GYN
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Women's Hormonal Health Natural Procreative Technology

Messed up hormones means a messed up life. Women go through a tremendous amount of hormonal changes every single month, but most women are woefully uninformed about what is happening in their bodies every day.

Many women don't even realize they are not fertile all the time! Fertility awareness has advanced with NaProTechnology, or simply NaPro, using an advanced method of charting.

Many in the health field are coming to embrace the advancement of NaPro as an effective method of delaying pregnancy comparable to the pill for those looking for non-chemical methods of family planning. But besides delaying pregnancy, NaPro can be a path to better overall health for women.

When a woman becomes aware of her body's signs in conjunction with a method-teacher and a practitioner, hormone deficiencies can be easily identified. Women can find their whole lives changed energy, moods, skin and more all improve when a better hormonal balance is achieved with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Also, through NaPro, problems such as endometriosis can be identified and followed by appropriate gynecological surgical treatments.

For women trying to achieve pregnancy, NaProTechnology has cured their infertility by identifying the root cause. Therefore women considering IVF should also consider this method.

NaProTechnology allows a full health restoration that can carry forward into a woman's everyday life, and also increases her chances of desired subsequent pregnancies. It is important that women are aware of this method whether they are trying to become more body literate, avoid pregnancy, achieve pregnancy, or find their way to better health.

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