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Renee C. Morales, MD
Timing Of First Gynecology Appointment
Virginia Women's Health Associates

Timing Of First Gynecology Appointment

I am often asked by my patients who have daughters when their daughter should come to the gynecologist for her first appointment. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists suggests that an adolescent should first see her gynecologist between 13 to 15 years of age. In this appointment, the young woman can learn about who an OB-GYN is and how they can be helpful to her.

A young woman's first gynecologist appointment can be a very intimidating experience especially if they have a problem that is embarrassing for them. At this initial appointment, it is important that the doctor takes the time to show that she is approachable and a reliable person that patients can comfortably ask any question to and clarify any misinformation they may have learned from friends or acquaintances.

Although communication with her parents should be encouraged, a young woman should also be assured that her information will stay confidential unless she is in danger. As Ob-Gyn's, we find that many patients' parents also appreciate that we echo their own concerns and recommendations to their daughters. For many doctors, a young woman's first visit can be very rewarding because they have the opportunity to provide accurate information, ideally before she has decided to become sexually active, and can empower her to make responsible decisions regarding

her health.

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