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Gwen Beverly, Medical Hair Loss Specialist
Recovering With Confidence
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Recovering With Confidence

Isn't it funny how priorities change from day to day? One minute, one thing has a high priority and the next it's on to something new. It seems what was once important before, no longer is.

That's true of most things in life, but certainly not when it comes to medical hair loss. For women facing the devastating challenges of chemotherapy, radiation therapy and alopecia, it becomes the most important, number one priority in their life.

Fortunately, most cases of medical hair loss tend to be temporary conditions, knowing this can help empower those going through such treatments to look forward to recovering with confidence. During this recovery there are many effective solutions to help women maintain their self-esteem and overall appearance.

As such, custom cranial prostheses, wigs and extensions offer an individually designed and hand crafted style for each client. They provide a beautifully rich, natural look and feel while maintaining lightweight comfort. They are typically made from human hair or synthetic materials to provide the same bounce and appearance of natural hair.

Women experiencing medical hair loss usually prefer to keep it a private matter. Therefore, their choice of hair restoration does not have to be public knowledge. To ensure such discreet intervention, when possible, talk with a medical hair loss specialist prior to any medical treatments. This will make it easier to decide what hair restoration solution is best suited for any specific needs. It may be helpful to cut a small lock of hair or have a favorite picture to bring to the initial consultation. This allows the medical hair loss specialist to match an individual's natural hair color to a prosthetic, wig or extension swatch for an added natural appearance until permanent hair growth is restored.

Regardless of what challenges women might be facing, it is always important to make the needs of their health the first priority. Seek out other women for advice, solace and support. Finding that inner strength to recover with confidence should never be made a last priority, it should be the first.

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