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Blanca Lopez-Franco, Licensed Health & Life Insurance Agent
Open Enrollment Ends December 15th

Open Enrollment Ends December 15th

Hurry to the marketplace

If you qualify for a tax credit, make sure to apply for your health coverage for 2020 by December 15th. If you have a pre-condition only the Health Marketplace (also called Exchange or Obamacare) will be able to provide you the benefits you need. Go to www.healthcare.gov to apply for health care coverage and discover options that may apply to you and your family.

Keep in Mind

Your monthly premium will increase or decrease based on your deductible. The higher your deductible the lower your monthly premium will be.

HMO and EPO plans are local, do not provide out of network benefits and usually require having a primary care physician and sometimes you need a referral to see a specialty doctor.

PPO plans are nationwide in most cases. You can choose your health providers and have out of network benefits and by far the best option, unless you are applying for a tax credit or have a pre-condition then your best option will be private market.

Private market

The private market is where you can get coverage outside of the marketplace. The private market enrollment period is from November 1st through December 15th. However, there are some companies that provide health coverage yearlong.

If you miss open enrollment you will still be able to get your coverage through group insurance organizations, association memberships, health insurance broker or advisors.

Group Insurance Organizations
or Association Memberships

People generally overlook this source of affordable or low-cost health insurance but people who are members of specific organizations that offer health insurance coverage often get various benefits.

Association plans are the ones that provide the most benefits for a more affordable premium and usually have bundled supplements that can help you with deductibles and excess expenses. In Virginia the American Independent Business Coalition is an expert on individuals, families and self-employed coverage.

Health Insurance Broker / Advisor

Brokers and advisors are experts in their field and they know what is available. They will be able to help you either in person or online. These are professionals who you can rely on and assure you will have ongoing customer service.

There are many aspects of insurance coverage and prices, so it is important to have the right person to guide you and help to inform you so can get the most benefits from whatever you choose.

To be continued…

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