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Anca Sisu, MD
Functional Medicine: Is It Right For You?
Restore Balance Integrative Medicine
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Functional Medicine: Is It Right For You?

Do you have a range of chronic, daily symptoms that traditional medicine has failed to alleviate? Have you been to specialist after specialist and are constantly being referred to other doctors after being told your diagnostic test results are normal? If you’re tired of not having the answers, then functional medicine may be right for you.

Functional medicine practitioners meet patients every day that have multiple medical practitioners treating different body systems, often without communicating with one another, yet still they are suffering from those chronic ailments. The human body must be treated as a whole to achieve balance, rather than being seen as a set of different, unrelated parts. That’s where functional medicine comes in.

Practitioners use functional medicine in combination with other treatment modalities to restore mind-body health. The underlying root causes your symptoms are focused on to see the relationships and patterns between them, and focus on you as a whole being, and not just seeing you as a sum of your parts. It takes time to get to know you, and look at the interactions between you and your environment, your lifestyle and dietary choices, your genetics, and work to discover the synergy between your body systems.

All of these multiple influences require taking the time to look deeper because it is not just physical factors that cause imbalance – environmental triggers, spiritual, psychological and social elements play a large part in chronic conditions. Assessing and understanding how all of these components relate and impact your fundamental key body processes reveals the causal dysfunction. Once those puzzle pieces fall into place, your individualized treatment plan gives you rapid results. That’s functional medicine, and that’s why it works.

Patient-centered treatment means that your functional medicine practitioner becomes your partner on this journey, as equally engaged in your positive healthy outcome as you are. It is a very therapeutic relationship in which we develop an individualized care plan that helps restore your vitality so that you can begin living your best life, free of chronic symptoms and ailments, on the path to restoring balance and wellness. And for some patients, it’s the first time they are symptom-free. That’s how you know you’ve achieved the balance your body needs.

Begin your journey to wellness and balance today, by scheduling a consultation with a functional medicine practitioner in your area.

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