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New Day Vitality Hormone Center
For Vital Days and Romantic Nights
New Day Vitality Hormone Center
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For Vital Days and Romantic Nights

Vital Days = more energy, more motivation and better health. Romantic nights means more desire for intimacy and sex, and longer and better orgasms.

For women, natural hormones can:

Stop hot flashes

Help you sleep through the night

Make sex wonderful

Help you face the day with energy and better moods

For men, natural hormones can:

Give you back your edge and focus

Build muscle and strength

Make erections stronger and last longer

Give you more confidence

Just how can natural hormones do ALL this? It is not an exaggeration to say that hormones are crucial to every single function of the body. More than one hundred different types of hormones pour into your bloodstream at the rate of thousands of billions of units per day.

Hormones regulate your heartbeat and breathing. They make men, men and women, women. Hormones put you to sleep at night and wake you up in the morning. They build bone, maintain muscle tone and lubricate joints. Hormones control your blood pressure and make the body produce energy and burn fat. They fight stress, prevent fatigue, calm anxiety, relieve depression and much more.

But in our stressful and polluted environment (particularly as we age) our bodies rarely have the optimum levels of hormones. Both sexes are blasted with a reality check typically around our 40s. Hormone levels drop and so does energy, sex drive, muscle mass and drive for life! Recent studies have demonstrated that when Viagra doesn’t work, perhaps the trick is to just add testosterone. Testosterone can do wonders for a man’s energy, brain function and sense of self.

Women: as your estrogen and progesterone levels begin to decrease, you may start to experience hot flashes, vaginal dryness, insomnia, poor concentration, mood swings, weight gain and changes in skin and hair texture. But this decrease in hormones also contributes to cardiovascular disease, stroke, osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s disease. Natural estrogen and progesterone supplementation can cut your risk of heart disease by as much as 50%. Estrogen can also increase insulin sensitivity, which helps prevent Type 2 diabetes. And one estrogen, called estradiol, is critical to the synthesis of serotonin – the “happy” hormone.

This holiday season, be happy: give yourself the gift of more vital days and romantic nights. Call a hormone specialist today.

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