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Joseph M. Arzadon, DDS, MD
6 Amazing Benefits Of Rhinoplasty
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6 Amazing Benefits Of Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is another name for a surgical procedure often called a nose job by its proponents. It is one of the five most popular cosmetic surgeries done across the country. In this procedure, the shape and size of the nose are corrected to make the nose appear more beautiful or to improve the breathing. When done for purely cosmetic reasons, this is normally a self-pay procedure, but when done for medical reasons, it may be covered by one’s medical insurance.

Improve Appearance

The main reason that most people seek a rhinoplasty is because they are unhappy with the shape or size of the nose. The nose may be too long, too large, too wide or too bumpy. With this surgery, the bone, cartilage and other underlying tissues can be reshaped entirely.

Correct a Genetic Problem

Some children are born with genetic malformations of the nose that can be corrected with rhinoplasty. By correcting these issues early, the child will be better able to breathe and will have better self-esteem as he or she ages.

Correct a Broken Nose

Because the nose sticks out from the face, it is often the facial feature most apt to be injured. Nose breaks are common with sports, automobile accidents and more. A rhinoplasty can get rid of the bumps that may occur after a broken nose heals.

Improve Breathing

Although most people think that rhinoplasties are used only to correct cosmetic issues, they can actually be used for some physical problems as well. Many people have very narrow or poorly formed sinuses that lead to constant sinus infections, drainage, coughs and other uncomfortable problems. A rhinoplasty can open up these areas by changing the structure of narrowed or blocked sinuses.

Stop Snoring

When the sinuses are open and the correct shape and size, breathing becomes easier and snoring may also be able to stop. You will finally be able to sleep with your partner once again and may find that you can get better and more restful sleep than you have for years. If you have used CPAP in the past while sleeping, you may even be able to give this up.

Restore Confidence

When you feel better about how you look, you will feel more confident wherever you go. This may be able to help you succeed at work when you feel empowered in front of your coworkers or boss. You will also feel better when you are around family and friends during social gatherings. Your renewed sense of beauty will profoundly impact every area of your life.

Because so many rhinoplasties have been done over the years with such great results, this is generally considered to be a safe and incredibly effective procedure. While there may be some side effects from the surgery or from anesthesia, most side effects are mild and transient. If you believe that a rhinoplasty may be able to help you in one of these six ways, contact a board-certified cosmetic surgeon today.

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