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Toni Greene, Owner
The Seniors Of Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
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The Seniors Of Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

The seniors starting from 1901 to 1927 was considered the greatest generation. They are the World War 2 veterans and their families. That generation was also known as the lost generation.

From 1928 to 1945 was considered the silent generation, where you were taught to be seen and not heard. Speak when you are spoken to. A child has its place, and it was not in grown folks’ business. Unlike today when the children are in grown folks’ conversations.

From 1946 to 1964 are the baby boomers and from 1965 to 1980 is generation X. The digital age, individual freedom and responsibility. 1981 to 1997 are the millennials, or the Y generation.

1998 to 2012 is generation Z, zillennials, who are activists, more for change, justice, and a diverse generation. These are the Internet and social media babies.

2012 to 2025 is considered the burgeoning generation.

Today’s seniors are not like the seniors of the past. Seniors today are healthier, happier and have a better quality of life. Seniors today are more conscious of their health their wealth and the quality of their life.

Seniors today live a much younger life than the seniors in the early 50s and 60s. Adult seniors starts around the age of 62 which is Social Security age and onward.

Now that I am a senior, I have found that my thoughts, feelings, and emotions are changing along with growing older and wiser. When you become a senior, or I should say when you become an adult senior who has reached the age of 62 on ward, you will certainly have a different perspective on life.

Seniors are privileged because they have lived a long life. The privileges come as respect to the older generation with appreciation.

Baby boomers are the new age generation, the age of consciousness. The baby boomers and the silent generation are living longer, healthier and happier. The baby boomers and the silent generation are the elders to whom you can talk to about life and living.

The seniors who are in there 80s and 90s are from the greatest generation because of the war experience. Listen to these seniors when they talk about the war and what it was like. They are the older veterans of the World Wars 1 and 2. Many are our veterans.

The baby boomer seniors who are 62 and older, born 1946 and 1964, are your Hippie grandmas and grandpa’s who are very young in spirit – hippie type, happy, cool seniors, fun loving, gregarious, conscious and they are our grandfathers and grandmothers and uncles and aunts and cousins, the seniors to whom we look up to, because they are living life. They have experienced knowledge and they have wisdom.

Generations X and Y have a way to go before they become seniors. They will become the seniors of tomorrow. The seniors of today have a different story to tell and sometimes they forget the stories or repeat the stories that they tell because of their age their memory, their health, their wealth their living conditions.

Seniors today are younger than they have ever been at 70, 80 and above. Seniors today are more health conscious. They workout at the gym, take yoga, run, climb mountains, ski, surf, the seniors today healthier and happier.

It is an honor and a privilege and a gift to be a senior. The life we have lived, the stories we can tell, the teachings, healings, and knowledge we share is a gift to share with the young people of generations X, Y, Z and beyond. The seniors today are showing us how to live long prosperous healthy happy lives. It is an honor and a privilege to grow old and someday die to be reborn in spirit, so our DNA continues to create our families through the generations.

The Universe only promised “3 score and 10.” So if you are 71 on, you are truly living your gift. Life is beautiful.

Live, love and make sure you laugh. Show off your dentures with a bright happy smile.


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