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Kathy Mellott, AuD
Centra Active For Active Adults
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Centra Active For Active Adults

They come by many names. They are known as “best agers,” “young at heart,” “golden oldies,” or “baby boomers.” They go jogging, mountaineering or sailing, play golf and tennis, and love biking. And even when it comes to their age they do not fit the mold. Sometimes they are called “50 plus” and at other times “60 plus.” But it always boils down to the same thing there is a burgeoning group of active discerning consumers who are enjoying the second half of their life. And it is precisely this group of people whom Siemens had in mind when it developed its new Centra Active model.
Moisture resistant and ready to handle even those long days, Centra Active is the first model specifically focused on the needs of the active older generation. Since the receiver is no longer within the behind-the-ear (BTE) unit, but inside the canaland connected to the BTE component via thin tubing the Centra Active is particularly small, light, and inconspicuous. It also uses state-of-the-art technology, such as “SoundSmoothing”, with its attenuation of transient noise and “e2e wireless” technology. And through its “DataLearning” feature, the system will adapt itself to the individual preferences of its wearer. Centra Active is also the first moisture resistant hearing instrument which, when recharged overnight, will last the entire day.
Contrary to most conventional behind-the-ear (BTE) instruments, in the Centra Active the receiver is placed within the canal. This so-called receiver-in-the-canal (RIC) technology makes for particularly small and light models with pleasing cosmetics. Furthermore, this instrument comes not only in the standard colors of beige, granite, grey and brown, but also in black, pearl white and silver, as well as in typical hair colors. However, its highlight is the advanced technology, especially with the moisture resistance and the cutting-edge battery technology.
To date, sweat and moisture have always been regarded as the “enemies” of hearing instruments since they might interfere with their sensitive electronics. Active people, particularly those with demanding leisure activities, quite often had to put up with certain limitations. But Centra Active has relegated all that to the past because the housing is sealed by nanocoating sweat simply rolls off, while dust and dirt do not stick. In addition, the sensitive microphones are protected against moisture, rain, and splashes by an easily replaced cover. It contains a Gore membrane which is permeable to sound, but not wind and water. And the “C-Guard” membrane protects the receiver within the canal against dirt, sweat, and cerumen.
The new rechargeable battery technology is extremely user friendly. It makes changing batteries a thing of the pastjust recharge the instrument overnight and it will last all day. Simply place the Centra Active into the fully automated charger. Once it is fully recharged (five hours at most) the unit will turn off automatically. Thus, the hearing instruments cannot be overcharged and will always be ready for action.
For more information about the Siemens Centra Active consult your local audiologist.

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