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Deborah Frantz, Owner
The Aqua-Chi Foot Therapy
Totally Energized

The Aqua-Chi Foot Therapy

Feeling tired? Need more energy? Aqua Chi Foot Bath helps decrease toxins through energizing the water with a bio-electric charge. It is designed to operate with water, because water is the basis of all biological function.

Water is a medium through which all tasks in the body are performed. Even though there are many different types of cells in the body, they all need water for hydration and energy to perform their designated tasks. The depletion of either water or energy promotes poor health when the cells are deprived.

During your time in the water, you will see different colors which indicates wastes and toxins being released. Each individual’s sessions will be different. Your body absorbs energy from the water.

By recharging your body, your body has the ability to heal itself giving you more mental clarity and energy. It is not a cure for any medical condition.

It is not recommended for pregnant women or people who have battery operated implants such a pacemaker, by people with organ transplants, or by hemophiliacs.

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