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Toni Greene, Owner
Happy New Year
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Happy New Year

2020 Wow!!!!!

I am so happy we are here in this New Year together. Some people were called to leave their physical bodies, but not us. We are given yet another opportunity to live upon this physical earth in a physical form. Life in and of itself is another gift from the Universe. We have an opportunity to see things differently. To see (vision) can be with the physical eyes or the inner eye (intuition). Intuition is an inner knowing, a vision from the inside of the physical form.

Vision has to be strengthened and developed. To develop your inner vision is to be able to look inside of the self with awareness and consciousness. A way of looking inside of the self is with the use of your breath, breathing, and simply being. Simply observing where you breathe without expectation of anything. Watch yourself, watch where your thoughts go when you are unaware, unconscious. Thoughts that can lead you into behavior you are not aware of.

Behavior is a result of your inner chatter, your inner vision. Self-talk, creates behavior is your mind acting out what it sees, hears, smells, touches and tastes.

2020 is a new start to how we develop our vision going forward into the New Year.

It matters how we moved through the year of 2019, however, it matters even more how we will consciously move into and through the year of 2020. We already know we will and are changing with the times. To develop the vision is to develop the mind. And to develop the mind we must develop the vision. You are, and act out according to, your thoughts that leads to your behavior, (the inner chatter, the self-talk) thereby creating the results of your visions of your unconscious and subconscious mind through your behavior.

2020 is a year of introspection, conscious awareness, meditation, reflection, and preparation. 2020 is a start over, to rewrite your program. We can all be programmers of our hard drives, our mother boards. We are a child of this Universe and this is our New Year, new life and new beginning. We all have a right to be here on this physical earth at this particular time.

Learn to meditate; learn to sit with the self. Watch your thoughts, where do they go unconsciously? Learn and know who you are and why you are on this earth at this particular time.

Learn how to be you, do you, love you, except you, and forgive you. With the aid of meditation, hypnosis, contemplation and acceptance you will learn: there are no mistakes, only lessons. Lessons can be challenging, painful, pleasurable, or whatever you perceive your lessons to be. Remember, actions and lessons are a result of your thoughts that lead to actions that lead to reaction (Karma). Karma is not good or bad, it’s your thoughts that decide.

H – Hypnosis for the New Year, conscious change

A – Acceptance

P – Patience

P – Practice mindfulness

Y – You without you there is no you

N – New You

E – Exercise

W – Watch where your mind goes

Y -You can control your thoughts

E – Eat healthy

A – Acknowledge you

R – Reward you with the gift of life, awareness and breath

Happy New Year!

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