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Vinny Gigliotti, CEO of Environmental Solutions
Ensure Your Home Has Healthy Indoor Air Quality
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Ensure Your Home Has Healthy Indoor Air Quality

Ensure Your Home Has Healthy Indoor Air Quality

More than ever, our homes have become places of refuge and safety. Assurance that our homes are safe indoor environments and are not causing or contributing to adverse health effects is crucial during this uncertain time. Environmental testing can provide insight to the composition of the breathable air in your home, uncovering potential exposure to microbial and biological hazards. Mold and other biological contaminants can lurk behind wallpaper and under flooring and are not always able to be detected visually, which is why environmental inspections and testing are so important.

Why should I get environmental testing?

  • If you have experienced flooding or a water leak, mold growth is highly possible. Testing can determine if there is mold in the breathable air, what type of mold it is and how detrimental it is, and what corrective actions are needed.
  • If you are moving into a new home and are concerned about what the previous tenants may have left behind, such as bacteria or allergens, environmental testing is recommended. It will help determine if any contaminants are present in the home.
  • If there are any children, elderly people, or anyone with a weakened immune system in your home, environmental testing is very important, as these people are at a higher risk of environmental harm.
  • If you are concerned at all regarding the quality of the air in your home, testing is recommended. Length of exposure is often the most important factor regarding the severity of health effects.

Having environmental sampling conducted in your home by a professional Certified Indoor Environmentalist can help assure healthy indoor air quality, alleviate discomforting health issues, and possibly improve quality of life.

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