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Jennifer Wong, Owner, Principal Broker
4 Great Tips For Downsizing Your Home
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4 Great Tips For Downsizing Your Home

As a homeowner, you may find yourself reaching a new stage in your life. Maybe you now have an empty nest, or you’re finding maintaining your home is more challenging. Downsizing into a smaller, more manageable home may have crossed your mind.

Downsizing can seem like a big task and emotionally challenging, however it often comes with much bigger rewards. It can be a great new start and if you’re a senior looking to live in a 65+ community, it can be time to begin enjoying retirement. When you know that you’re ready to downsize and begin planning to sell your home the tips below can help you along the way.

Create an itemized
inventory of each room

When preparing to sell a home in which you’ve spent many years, it can feel completely overwhelming to know what to take, what to give away or what to sell. The first step in making this process as easy as possible is to go room to room and create an inventory of items. This way you can begin to categorize where each item should end up.

View your home objectively

It’s easy to view your home perfectly for any buyer but it’s important to view it from the buyer’s perspective. Providing a homey but clean slate is the ideal setting. De-cluttering featured rooms (living room, kitchen, bedrooms) and providing an open and welcome space for potential buyers to envision themselves in your home.

Fix the little details

One of the best ways to prepare is to look at the little details that can be overlooked when you’re in your house every day. While you might not notice the small bits of paint that have begun to peel window ledges – a potential buyer might. Identify areas that could use a fresh coat of paint, wallpaper that’s starting to peel and tile that could do with a good scrub. These little changes can make all the difference in a buyer’s interest – the cleaner and more fresh your home feels, the more a person can envision it as their own home.

Find a Realtor Specialized
to Your Needs

Did you know there are realtors who specialize in home downsizing and senior selling services? They understand the emotional weight and heavy lifting that comes with selling a long-term family home and downsizing. This service includes helping you with the sale of your home, advice on downsizing, advice on staging your home and more. With the right realtor this transition in  life can be an easy (and even fun) one.

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