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Anne C. Crowley, MAc, LAc
The Heart Ruler of Joy and Sadness a Chinese Medicine Perspective
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The Heart Ruler of Joy and Sadness a Chinese Medicine Perspective

As in Western Medicine, Chinese Medicine views the heart as the ruler and supreme controller of the body. Chinese Medicine would call it “the Emperor.” If the Emperor is not functioning well, no one in the kingdom is quite happy. When the heart organ is out of balance in Chinese Medicine, a patient can experience palpitations, anxiety, redness on the tip of the tongue, insomnia, or a feeling of being out of control. In a state of balance, the heart ensures the blood is circulating freely in the body and nourishing the other organs. It is the benevolent ruler of the kingdom; sitting back and watching the other organs (e.g. liver, kidney) do their work.

The emotions of the heart and the fire element are joy and sadness. Great joy and elation can be felt from a healthy heart. When sadness or depression sets in, the heart is out of balance. For example, from a Chinese Medical perspective, sexual abuse at a young age can lead to a heart imbalance later. This is the greatest betrayal that the heart must overcome. Other insults to the heart are things such as disappointment, hurtful comments, a love that wasn't (the broken heart). An unsettled heart can often lead to insomnia or disturbed dreaming.

Chinese acupuncture and herbs can balance the heart meridian to restore the body to health. With continued treatment, a sense of ease can come over the body and better coping mechanisms for stress can result.

There are three other fire meridians/organs that support the heart directly. The small intestine is the partner to the heart and is about sorting and discerning important information for the heart to consider. In Chinese Medicine, people with small intestine out of balance can feel scattered and have trouble prioritizing what is important in life. In balance, great clarity results and important distinctions can be made. The other two meridians of the fire element, the triple energizer and the pericardium protect the heart by controlling the water and temperature in the body, and protecting the heart from insults, respectively.

While the heart organ is present in all of us, some of us may be more affected by an imbalance in the meridian than others. Regular acupuncture and herbs can lead to a smoother flow within the organ. So at a time when we are so focused on our heart, let's pay attention and give our heart all the support it needs.

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