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Benefits Of Organic Skin Care Products
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Benefits Of Organic Skin Care Products

That might sound crazy, but the skin is our largest organ. Would you knowingly eat chemicals? Of course not. Then why do we put chemicals on our skin? The majority of commercial skin care products are chemically based. Up to 80% of what we apply on our skin absorbs directly into our blood stream.

Why Use Only Organic Ingredients?

Since the beginning of time, nature has been our source of well being and there is no need to change a good thing. Using only organic ingredients takes natural to another level. Organically grown ingredients starts with a healthy source insuring natural ingredients have a natural start and are free from chemicals.

Imagine when we use non-organic ingredients in or on our bodies, we also intake traces of the chemicals, which were used to grow or produce that natural ingredient. Eating, drinking, breathing (such as fresh herbs or flowers) non-organic ingredients and covering our bodies with non-organic skin care can cause an increased amount of trace chemicals in our bodies. These trace chemicals can lead to a toxic buildup.

So, why would anyone would want a natural ingredient that has been grown or produced with chemicals (non-organic)? That concept seems to defeat the purpose of being natural in the first place.

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