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Thomas K. Lo, MA, DC
ADHD In Children
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ADHD In Children

A study done at Harvard Medical School tested 20 children who had been diagnosed with ADHD. Ten were treated with Ritalin, the most commonly prescribed drug. The other ten were treated with dietary supplements. The tests revealed that the subjects in both groups showed significant and essentially identical improvements.

These studies suggest that the majority of neurological symptoms ascribed to ADHD can be attributed to food and additive allergies, heavy-metal toxicity and other environmental toxins, low-protein/high-carb diets, thyroid disorders, mineral imbalances, essential fatty-acid deficiencies, amino acid deficiencies and B-vitamin deficiencies.

The dietary supplements used were a mix of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, amino acids, essential fatty acids, phospholipids and probiotics that attempted to address the ADHD biochemical risk factors.

Dietary Recommendations

Chiropractors and other health care professionals agree that diet plays a vital role in a child's health and well-being. In your family consider the following

Do not allow children to drink soft drinks. These chemical concoctions contain artificial food coloring, additives and preservatives such as sodium benzoate.

Eliminate baked products. These items contain high quantities of bleached flour and sugar, both of which wear down a child's immune system and overtax their digestive system.

The only healthy option is to avoid fast food all together, but if this isn't possible, then limit it to once a month.

Encourage eating at least four servings of vegetables and one serving of fruit every day. Fruit is an important part of your child's diet, but fresh vegetables contain more of the vitamins and minerals children need.

Eat whole grains and protein-rich foods. A diet that is high in protein and healthy carbohydrates will give children the energy they need without over-working and over-loading their bodies.

Don't forget the omegas. This is vital for supporting the child's concentration.

Promote all-natural as much as possible. Avoid foods that have been treated, processed, packaged, colored, flavored or pasteurized.

The Chiropractic Factor

Although there are no studies to support the role of chiropractic care in the life of the ADHD child, many parents report a vast improvement in their child's ADHD symptoms in conjunction with regular chiropractic care.

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