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Sherri Hudson, CT
Ringing Ears and Sudden Hearing Loss? Here Are Two Solutions
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Ringing Ears and Sudden Hearing Loss? Here Are Two Solutions

Tinnitus, Meniere’s syndrome, vestibular labyrinthitis, neuritis, ringing, buzzing, clicking in the ears, or sudden hearing loss can be devastating.  It can cause anxiety, loss of focus, balance/vertigo, nausea, depression, headaches and other symptoms.  The cause can be traced to injuries from loud sounds, head, face, neck or jaw injuries, medications, stress, nerve damage, bacterial or viral infections of the inner ear that causes swelling around the nerves in the ear.  What’s most important is what we can do about it. The hottest trending treatments today are cold laser therapy and hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Cold Laser Therapy

There are acupuncture points on the body and in the ear that calm the nerves and reduce inflammation.  It is comfortable, pain-free and usually lasts an hour. It’s not an exact science on how many sessions a person will need as each individual response is different due to the cause of the hearing loss, or ringing, or other sounds in the ears.  Not every therapy works for every person but if you think you have tried everything and have not tried cold laser therapy you may be in for a big surprise.  If want to try this therapy sooner than later there are no known side effects.

Now there is significant medical evidence supporting the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) for sudden sensorineural hearing loss and tinnitus, at least in the early stages. HBOT increases oxygen pressure in the inner ear. Oxygen flows from areas of higher pressure to those of lower pressure. It has been shown there is a profound decrease in oxygenation of the cochlea during and after acoustic stress and in acute hearing loss. During HBOT the oxygenation in the cochlea increases up to 460% and is still 60% above normal one hour after the therapy.

With HBOT, it is possible to influence the sensory cells of the inner ear. These cells have no direct vascular supply and depend entirely on oxygen supplied by diffusion. An increase in oxygen pressure can compensate for oxygen deficiency caused by trauma and gives rise to biological mechanisms that are involved in functional recovery.

Cold laser and hyperbaric oxygen therapy can be used together or as separate therapies.  If you have these hearing problems, visit a holistic practitioner in your area that offers these services.

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