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Andrew M. Sklar, DDS
What's All This Talk About Sedation Dentistry?
Andrew M. Sklar, DDS, PC

What's All This Talk About Sedation Dentistry?

Frank has avoided the dentist for years. He had a traumatic experience as a young adult and breaks out in a sweat at even the thought of going to the dentist.
Mary knows she has a problem with one of her teeth but has been putting off going to the dentist because of her bad gag reflex, which kicks in whenever they try to take an x-ray.
Angela hides her smile in embarrassment and would love to improve her appearance, but her busy schedule doesnt afford her enough time for the multiple visits she was told it would take to complete her treatment.
Larrys teeth are very sensitive, he has a hard time getting numb, and he hates needles. So he literally grips the arms of the chair every time he has any dental work done.
What do these people all have in common, besides their fear of the dentist? Through the use of oral conscious sedation (sometimes called “sleep dentistry”) each has been able to visit the dental office, have all their needed work done while in a calm and relaxed state, and leave the office with little or no recollection of their experience. Usually this has been accomplished in as little as one visit.
And they are not alone. Approximately 145 million people (nearly 1/3 of the population) are afraid of going to the dentist. As a result, they avoid getting the treatment they need, have a hard time chewing, put up with unnecessary pain, and increase their risk of dental infection and serious health problems, such as diabetes and heart disease. Through the use of sedation dentistry, however, they can achieve a healthy mouth and beautiful smile they never dreamed could be theirs.
So how is this possible and is it safe?
Sedation dentistry is extremely safe. As a sedation patient, you simply take a pill which will make you calm and relaxed. To further enhance your comfort, you are covered with a warm, soft blanket as you relax while your treatment is completed. Throughout your treatment you are never left alone. The dentist and assistant are always with you, attending to your needs and ensuring your safety and comfort.
During the entire time you are sedated, your pulse, blood pressure and blood oxygen levels are monitored using a pulse oximeter (like they use in the hospital). Though you may feel like you have slept through your appointment, you will actually be able to respond to simple commands and questions, like, “Open your mouth” and “How are you feeling?” But you will retain little or no memory of your experience.
Sedation dentistry can be for anyone.
Oral sedation is an excellent option for anyone with anxiety or fear associated with going to the dentist. This includes those afraid of needles, anyone with an aversion to the sounds, smells or tastes associated with dentistry, those with sensitive teeth, a bad gag reflex or difficulty getting numb.
Sedation can also be a perfect solution for those who need extensive or complex dental treatment and have little time in which to complete it. All their dentistry can be completed in as little as one visit. Any procedure, from cleanings to root canals and crowns, can be performed, without anxiety, with oral sedation.
With sedation dentistry, no one has to be afraid of going to the dentist ever again.
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