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James Willis, DDS
We Need To Know
Burke Dental Center

We Need To Know

A new patient to a dental practice may not know why there is so much paperwork to fill out. Patients often breeze through the health history questionnaire, perhaps not even answering all of the line items.

They figure it has nothing to do with teeth, so it can't be important. But the fact is, every single question is critical.

There are chemicals used in dentistry, and we routinely prescribe a variety of medications. We need to know your health history to ensure optimal care and safety.

It is absolutely important for your dentist to know your complete health history including any diseases or syndromes, surgeries, allergies, and medications.

Even if they seem to you to be completely unrelated to your oral health, it's always better to err on the side of safety.

For instance, consider Hibiclens, a popular cleanser applied during surgical procedures. Some people have

a negative reaction to Hibiclens.

The active ingredient in Hibiclens is chlorhexidine gluconate, the same active ingredient used in a popular oral rinse sometimes used or prescribed by dentists.

If you had a bad reaction to Hibiclens, you could potentially be allergic to chlorhexidine gluconate and your dentist needs to know that.

While this particular example may or may not apply directly to you, the point is that as a healthcare provider, your dentist needs to know as much as possible about your health history.

We can only treat you properly if we have all of the information. We can only have the information if you tell us. So tell us.

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