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Shadi Saba, DDS
Perfect Smile Fast
Saba Orthodontics
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Perfect Smile Fast

Achieving a beautiful smile used to take forever, or so it seemed. Any adult who wore braces as a teen knew that inevitably their senior picture would be graced with a tinsel smile. Technology has come a long way. Now both children and adults have more options to achieve that beautiful, healthy smile. One of the most advanced systems in orthodontics is the self-ligating bracket.

Self-ligating brackets, also known as In-Ovations, Damon or speed braces, offer the most aesthetic and technologically advanced approach to orthodontics. Combining the speed of friction free alignment with choices in metal, ceramic and lingual brackets, self-ligating brackets exceed all the needs of orthodontic patients.

Traditional braces use elastics or ties that hold the archwire in place. This may slow down the treatment time due to fluctuations in the force on the wire and most often causes discomfort after an adjustment appointment. With the self-ligating system, there are no ties and you don't feel the pressure because of the free-sliding technology, virtually eliminating any discomfort. This also means you have less irritation, less plaque build-up and less difficulty in keeping teeth clean.

Another advantage of the self-ligating system is fewer appointments. Because of the free-sliding technology, the continuous movement applied to the teeth reduces the time in braces an average of 30%. The average treatment time in braces according to the American Association of Orthodontics (AAO) is 20-24 months. With the self-ligating system, treatments last generally 12-18 months.

Contact an orthodontist today for more information on self-ligating brackets. With fewer appointments, reduced treatment time and greater comfort, self-ligating brackets definitely give adults and children a reason to smile.

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