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Arthur M. Strauss, DDS
Obama's Head Tilt Related To Sleep Apnea
Arthur M. Strauss, DDS
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Obama's Head Tilt Related To Sleep Apnea

Trump's labored breathing and compulsion to talk relates to anatomy of his throat prone to obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) affecting him while awake. President Obama has a tendency to tilt his head, also likely related to his throat anatomy while awake. Different jaw-tongue-throat anatomy in both men, actually, in all of us, cause different behaviors, to ensure air flow, thus our survival.

Both conditions are reflections of the body compensating for changes in the anatomy of the throat caused by changes in the posture and position of the tongue.

The muscles of the tongue, skull, jaw bone, and throat relate to other muscles connected to this miniature jawbone (the hyoid bone) just above the voice box. Its muscles not only attach to the bones to which the tongue is attached, they also directly attach to the shoulder blades, the voice box, the collar bone, the top of the breastbone and the upper-ribs.

This is how our posture, including the head, neck, and shoulders and the rest of the body affect and are effected by the posture and position of the tongue and the airway. Around-the-clock this impacts our ease of swallowing, speaking and breathing.

The most immediate threat to life is airway obstruction as it cuts off air supply, thus, it is the instigator of the stress response from stress hormones that save us and leave us with those on-edge sensations that we often mistakenly refer to as stress.

They also influence our unconscious reactions and behavior, including, body, jaw and tongue posture.

The body compensations to obstructive airway changes are

The fight or flight or stress response characterized by rapid shallow breathing, increased blood pressure and heart beat intensity and rate to better circulate air and oxygen,

Forward head posture and other postural changes to open the airway

Clenching and/or grinding of teeth to help alter tongue posture and position in the airway

Immediate and adaptive varying combinations of these are evident in different people.

Comparing Obama to Trump in the impact of their airway anatomy

Obama's tilted head posture and silence associated with listening maintain his airway patency during periods of distraction.

Trump's compulsion to speak helps keep his airway patent and his effortful, labored breathing helps circulate air better through the comprised opening of his throat.

This shows you how OSA inducing jaw-tongue-throat anatomy is in effect during sleep and while awake.

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