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Patrice Perkins, Life Coach
Empowerment Is Yours
Your Brighter Outlook

Empowerment Is Yours

Life coaching is a way of helping others through brainstorming, inspiring and motivating by implementing successful ways in which to reach goals and passions in life.

We together will thrive to trace back the earlier years that may have impacted self-esteem and confidences.  By overcoming the obstacles and making changes or shifts in our lives you’ll find that goals are reachable.

Within us all, we have the ability to determine and achieve our goals with help in prioritizing our steps and moving past the fears and insecurities and improve the confidence needed to succeed.  The coach is key in holding the client accountable to follow the designed tasks assigned, for each of your goals to your ultimate success.

Gaining clarity about your desires, recognizing that the possibilities for your life can be reached is key.  By creating a plan to reach your goals faster and implementing these goals can show you that your passions and desires are not out of reach.

Through self-assertion and support your life can change for the better and help your desires come to fruition.   

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