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Marcia B. Levi, DC
Winning the Battle Against Cancer
Optimal Care Chiropractic

Winning the Battle Against Cancer

It's the one diagnosis you never want to hear escape through your doctor's lips. In fact, the very word, “cancer,” conjures up feelings of fear, dread, anxiety and hopelessness. Many think, “this is the beginning of the end.” Others start to make lists of things that must get done, arrangements that must be made, goodbyes that must be said. But is a cancer diagnosis always a “death sentence”? Hardly. There are ways to increase the odds you'll never get it in the first place or, if you do have it, you'll win the battle over it.
Sowhat do you do? Do you wait for cancer to “attack” the healthy cells in your body and then seek treatment ordo you take an active role in keeping your immune system in optimal working condition to prevent cancer from ravaging your body in the first place? The answer is obvious.
How do you keep your immune system healthy to reduce your cancer risk? Well one way, and perhaps the best way, is through all-natural chiropractic care. You might be scratching your head because you still believe chiropractors deal only with back and neck pain. Actually, our primary focus is the proper function of your nervous system. When a spinal vertebra is out of place, it interferes with nerve function by pressing on nerves as they exit from the spine to every part of the body. This interference prevents proper nerve functioning, and, because the nervous system controls every bodily function, this interference can cause havoc in your body, leaving it far more susceptible to disease.
Chiropractic adjustments restore proper nerve function by removing any interference in the nervous system, which in turn allows the every system in the body to function as it should, increasing your body's natural ability to ward off diseases. A healthy nervous system is your greatest asset when it comes to your ability to handle stress, function optimally and prevent all types of disease, including cancer.
If you've already been diagnosed with some form of cancer, you may be receiving medical care that includes chemotherapy, radiation therapy and/or surgery. Chiropractic care can be integrated into your treatment plan to help your body function more efficiently and provide you with the energy resources you need to ease stress, fight the cancer and support recovery. Cancer cells steal your body's valuable resources; chiropractic care helps to restore these resources, allowing you to take charge of your recovery.

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