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Liz Carren
The Intersection Of Art, Medicine, and Healing
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The Intersection Of Art, Medicine, and Healing

The Intersection Of Art, Medicine, and Healing

Positive thinking is essential for healing. Creativity can be an integral part of healing as well. Outlets for release and self-understanding are crucial at critical life points such as cancer. That’s where the arts can come to the rescue! 

Artwork can inspire and create hope for those who need it. The medical community must address loneliness, isolation, fears of the unknown, and the need for hope on a deeper level than is usually incorporated in current treatment plans. Many places cancer patients frequent offer medical help but not much soul help. Artwork can fill this void.

Imagery can help people understand and manage some of what a patient is going through. This is especially true when creating art but is also empowering as a viewer. Images can share what having cancer feels, looks, and seems like. Art allows the viewer to insert themselves and get lost in the sensations of a piece and then bring it into the experience of their own personal journey. It helps sort questions of the mind, which are many when facing a severe health issue.

Cancer Courage card deck images and messages are designed to support, inform, comfort, and empower ­– giving one hope that they can get through it all. As a patient lays on a treatment table, in chemo, in a waiting room, each is alone; each could benefit from knowing that things can and do get better for many. It takes enormous amounts of courage, hope, and positive thinking, along with good medicine, to create a formula that heals. Add in art as an outlet to assist in the healing process, and people can thrive in ways they never knew.

For anyone touched by cancer, in whatever capacity, Cancer Courage cards can be a powerful tool. They can be used as a journal or thought prompt, a conversation door opener, an education, as inspiration or encouragement, or just for the comfort of knowing it is possible to become a “thriver.” They are for patients, caregivers, families, or anyone that needs to discover their hero within.

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