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Helen Mrose, MD, PhD
Standing Firm For Your Health
Bay Radiology Breast Imaging Center
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Standing Firm For Your Health

It's been nearly one year since the controversial 2009 United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) recommendation that women have screening mammography only between the ages 50 74. I disagree, and stand in firm agreement with the American Cancer Society and the American College of Radiology that women should have yearly mammograms beginning at age 40.

There is no controversy about whether mammography saves lives in women between ages 40 49. Yet, the USPSTF decided that mammography does not save enough lives for women under age 50. This, in spite of the fact that over 25% of breast cancers are detected in women under age 50, and cancers tend to grow faster and more aggressively in younger women. Who is to judge the number of lives worth saving?

As a breast imaging specialist, I reject the additional points the USPSTF used as evidence against mammography

#1 Mammography causes anxiety.

Anxiety can be reduced if a patient has her imaging performed at a center where she has confidence in its quality standards, and where images are reviewed and results given before the woman leaves the imaging facility.

#2 False positives (unnecessary biopsies) or false negatives (missed cancers) are frequent with mammography.

Studies show high quality mammography performed and interpreted by dedicated, breast imaging specialists can significantly reduce the possibility of false results.

#3 The radiation exposure from a mammogram may be harmful, especially in younger women.

While mammography delivers more radiation than most realize, technologists working in tandem with a knowledgeable radiologist learn how to use mammography equipment so thatradiation exposure is minimized.

Now womencan have the confidence that comes with having a dedicated, fellowship-trained breast-imaging radiologist read her mammogram. They can have greater peace of mind with work-upscompleted in one setting, and results made available the same day. Before scheduling your next mammogram, ask about these issues. Stand firm for your health!

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