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Kyle Brooks, LMT
Shiatsu and Massage Provide Comfort During and After Cancer Treatments
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Shiatsu and Massage Provide Comfort During and After Cancer Treatments

Shiatsu and massage are not cancer treatments, however regular sessions over the course of treatment can provide some relief and comfort, and improve overall quality of life.

Shiatsu and massage may

Reduce pain and nausea

Soothe the sympathetic nervous system

Reduce blood pressure

Relax decrease anxiety

Studies reported in the International Journal of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork article, “Children with Cancer and Blood Diseases Experience Positive Physical and Psychological Effects from Massage Therapy,” show that massage reduced psychological and physical distress in a group of 30 children ages 6 months to 17 year.

Massage and shiatsu are also helpful for children who are going through cancer treatments, and for their parents, family and caregivers. The stress of watching your child or loved one go through the debilitating treatments is tremendous.

Parents, family members and caregivers also benefit from a regular session. It is important as caregivers to arm yourself so that you can be available and strong.

Massage can also

Support the immune system. Research has shown that massage does not spread cancer cells.

Provide much needed touch scalp, back, abdomen, hands, feet, legs.

Gently stimulate and stretches the muscles, improve range of motion.

Improve sleep and mental clarity.

Provide hope a return to wholeness, the client can feel better about their body.

Help the person deal with side effects of chemotherapy fatigue and neuropathy

Release feel good neuro-transmitters helping offset depression. Almost 25% cancer patients go through some clinical depression at some point in their treatment.

Seek a certified massage therapist with experience working with oncology patients. Massage and shiatsu techniques should be gentle and slow. Sore, recently operated on or radiated areas, and active port sites should be avoided. Reflexology on the feet and hands, shiatsu on legs and arms, craniosacral, Swedish massage and aromatherapy are wonderful techniques.

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