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Giulio I. Scarzella, MD, FACS, FICS
Enlarged Prostate?
Giulio I. Scarzella, MD

Enlarged Prostate?

As a man ages, the prostate begins to slowly enlarge and may begin to squeeze the urethra, causing problems with urination. This is a common condition known as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) or enlarged prostate.
There are a number of non-surgical options for BPH. One type of non-surgical treatment, known as thermotherapy, uses heat to target the extra prostate tissue. This heat destroys the extra prostate tissue so that it does not squeeze the urethra. The result is an improvement in BPH symptoms. Heat can be applied to the prostate using several different sources, including microwave.
TherMatrx Dose Optimized Thermotherapy (DOT) is a safe and effective non-surgical treatment for BPH that uses a microwave heat source. The FDA has approved TherMatrx DOT as a treatment for BPH symptoms.
TherMatrx DOT is one of the safest and most advanced BPH treatment options available. A single TherMatrx DOT treatment can provide long-lasting symptom relief. It can help you avoid the cost, side effects, and inconvenience of medications. It is not surgery and does not require a visit to the hospital.
TherMatrx DOT is a single treatment done in one visit in your doctors office. During the treatment, your doctor will apply heat to a very specific area of your prostate using the TherMatrx DOT system. Heat is applied with a small, flexible catheter that is inserted into the urethra. No cutting or incision is needed.
During treatment, the TherMatrx DOT patented technology continuously measures the prostate temperature and ensures that the best dose of heat is given to each patient. This best dose destroys just the prostate tissue needed to provide symptom relief with minimal side effects. The entire TherMatrx DOT treatment takes approximately 90 minutes from the time you walk into the office until the time you leave.
TherMatrx DOT has proven long-term safety and BPH symptom relief. This is because TherMatrx has done studies to determine the precise amount of heat needed to safely relieve BPH symptoms. These studies demonstrate that a single DOT treatment can provide long-lasting BPH symptom relief.
Tens of thousands of men have benefited from safe and effective symptom relief with TherMatrx DOT.

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