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Gwen Beverly, Medical Hair Loss Specialist
Dealing With Cancer and Hair Loss
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Dealing With Cancer and Hair Loss

How One May Feel

Dealing with a cancer diagnoses can be devastating. Dealing with possible hair loss from impending medical treatments can leave one feeling vulnerable and exposed. Such reactions are normal, however, some women find it takes time to adjust.

Talk To Family

A family member can be the best resource for support, love and understanding. It can be just as devastating to them when a loved one is diagnosed with breast cancer, so talking with family is critical. It may also be helpful to prepare them for the fact that hair loss can be a major side effect of medical treatments. For small children, reading books about ones diagnoses is a good way to prepare them for their family members changing appearance.

Know The Side Effects Of Medical Treatments

Different types of medical treatments can be used to fight cancer. Chemotherapy, radiation and Tamoxifen drugs not only fight cancer cells, but also healthy cells. During these treatments, temporary thinning of hair or complete hair loss occurs not just on ones head, but also to the body. Preparing oneself for the loss of eyebrows, eyelashes, arms, legs, etc. ahead of time can be helpful for when hair loss finally occurs.

When Hair Loss Occurs

Scheduling an appointment with a medical hair loss specialist can prove to be very beneficial to one's recovery. Some women have their hair cut short as soon as they start medical treatments. As hair thins, sometimes, hair extensions are a great alternative to add a thicker, fuller look. Wigs offer an individually designed and hand crafted style. A wig can be cut and styled to match an individual's previous look. They are also light and easy to care for. During this consultation, it would be a good time to discuss ways to care for ones skin. Medical treatments can cause the skin to become very dry and flaky. There are different hypoallergenic products that can be applied to the skin to help preserve its elasticity and moisture.

Looking Good and Knowing What To Wear

Many women choose to wear wigs, scarves, hats or turbans while they're experiencing hair loss. These can be purchased through a local hospital oncology department, wig shop, medical hair loss specialist and through donations from various local groups.

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