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What Happened To Hot Girl Summer…Hair?
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What Happened To Hot Girl Summer…Hair?

What Happened To Hot Girl Summer…Hair?

Let’s face it – these past two years have been stressful. A pandemic, a country divided politically, wars…these things can wreak havoc on your hair.

Many people feel their hair is thinning. They feel the solution is to cut their hair short and/or stop coloring it. It does not have to be that way.

If you have lost a bit more hair than usual, due to stress or other factors, once your hair has completed its shedding cycle you may be eligible for extensions. Many people think they are not eligible for this service because they don’t necessarily want longer hair. That’s okay! Extensions are extremely versatile. Maybe you had a larger than normal amount of shedding due to stress, having a baby, surgery, or a health issue and you just want your old hair back. Extensions can be used to make your hair full again.

Extensions are the answer to more hair problems than you would think. Have you always wanted to try balayage highlights but you are worried about the commitment and/or damage to your hair? Extensions. Have you wanted to try some of that mermaid/unicorn/rainbow hair? Extensions. Are you in an awkward stage of growing out a short haircut? Extensions!

While it is true that extensions are not for everyone, they are for more people than you would think. You probably already know someone who has them. Maybe they are right for you too!

Why continue to stress about your hair when you don’t have to? Get a consultation today.

By Reagan Yosifov, Creative Stylist, Alya Salon & Spa

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